We're back!! Bob's spirits better!!!

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Hello Everyone!!! Thank You for all the good advise!!!! We are working on those now as we speek!!! Bob wants to knw if it would hurt if he had a piece of meat every now and then. He doesn't mind eatting what he has to but he said, " I was a meat and potato's man and loves pasta." He asked me to ask you guys first before he asked anyone else. I told him I would!!

It took some pushing from Bob's friends to get him to go to the show starting on Thursday, but he decided he would go. Upon our arrival the guys that we always hang around with new he was coming so they put up a BIG banner where we park the 3 cars welcoming him!!! I can't say what was on the banner as the language isn't very good. He was so shocked!!! After we parked everyone came over and hugged and cried as Bob was so touched that he never thought that he had so many friends that cared the way they do. I couldn't stop crying as I was so happy to finally see a smile back on his face!!! The weather was GREAT!!! There was lots of old music and beer. Bob had a couple when we got there and then stuck to water juice and gatorade. He put it is a beer bottle as he said that it looked better and he could dream that it was a nice cold beer. I asked him latter if it worked but he said not really he just had to do it. He had a really good time!!! Sunday evening all the guys gave him a show shirt with atleast 50 signitures where everyone signed it. He was so touch as he said, " No one has ever done that for him." It really gave him the lift that he needed to get him to go on with the chemo. His spirits even remained good after I over heated the Scout. I felt really bad but he said what do you want from a vehicle that hasn't been moved in over 20 years. I forgot to tell you guys that on the way up the Battery came loose and melted itself on the turbo. What a mess. But we got there!!! After Bob and the guys worked on it while we were there we got it home without any more damage. We got home about 1:00this afternoon and unpacked and now Bob is sleeping on the couch. What a lucky guy as I would love to do that right now but it isn't big enough and I don't want to lay on the floor. He won't share. What a guy!!

I want to thank everyone for all of there prayers!!! They must of worked!!! He went to the show and had a GREAT time!!!! Thank You everyone!!!!

I am not looking forward to tomorrow morning as the school buses are back on the road with the little kiddies. I am not going to like that alam going off at 4:30am. I gave Bob the bad news when we got home he said that I was sleeping on the couch from now on and I told him fat chance!!! He was stuck with me, including the alarm clock!!!

Bob starts his new chemo on Wed. He still wants to go solo. I will let everyone know how things are going!!!

Thank You Again!!!

Best Wishes and Prayers to all of you guys!!!

Kango-- How are you doing???? Thank's for the email!!



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    Hey Sue n Bob!!!Great to hear that your trip came off ok--errr--cept for the battery etc. etc. etc.--aw--minor problems!
    Least yu got there n back ok and hey--the most important thing is yu both "shared" the experience--just like me n Jen(carin n sharin)
    I would think that Bobs reaction to his mates novel way of expressing their concerns would be extremely uplifting. I can sure say that those who have stuck by us in the last 12 months are nothing short of wonderfull friends.
    BTW--did kanga read correctly?--did I see Bob reply to SpongeBobs last post(topic)--if that's true then great to see him using the puta!
    As far as eating meat goes, well, as you know, I am stage 2 so my bowel is functioning reasonably well. I do eat a little meat(enjoy it too) but eat only small portions--there seems to be no after effects. I would suggest that he might try a small serving and see how things go. Took me ages to try it. (Emily is probably shakin her head--lol)
    I will admit to changing my diet radically--now eat more fruit n veg. and feel better for it--oh yeah--and juice--he he!
    I go in to hospital tomorrow Sue to be told my report on my heart tests. The only info so far is it is not thought to be serious but there are some issues on the images that need to be addressed--of course at the moment I would be lying if I said that I was not just a tad worried. So I guess by midday tomorrow I will know the details.
    Stay well n b safe guys--luv n huggs, kanga n Jen
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    Ahoy Sue & Bob!

    Greetings from somewhere directly in front of Hurricane Ivan (UGH!) Hauling butt to get the heck outta the way. You know, a man's gotta know his limitations and pick his battles and I know this is one i will DEFINITELY lose if I stick around where I am know!

    Anyway, I am SO glad to hear your story. I warms my heart to know that Bob is happy and had such a great time at the show. Amazing what some fresh air, a couple of beers, and some quality time with wife and friends - especially turning a wrench with them - can do for a man's soul.

    Keep that momentum going, Sue!

    You guys rule.

    BTW, thanks for the birthday wishes - knowing that you were having a great time made my day!

    - SpongeBob