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It has been a month since I have posted and I just wanted to say hi to everyone. I was just looking over some posts and it seems like most of you are doing okay! Hope things went well for you Kanga with the thallium thing. I had to do that as well a while back. I have been really busy at work, getting kids back in school etc and havent had time to do much internet stuff, but I think of you guys. As for me, I am still doing okay. I went and had my yearly physical the other day and everything was okay except they were a little concerned about my kidney output. Had to redo that blood test today.

I go to the onc in September for the CEA test and the colonoccomy in October. It will be one year at the end of October! I dont even remember what life was like before cancer. But I do know that I have been blessed beyond measure for the friends and the love I have received this past year and that includes you guys. You have helped me past some big hurdles and and answered questions which gave me strength and hope. Thank you for that. Well, better get back to work. Talk to you soon


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    Hiya Franny--am here in tha mornin for a change(my morning-evening for you). Not that often I get to come on this early-7.40 am. I have been away for a while helping my son at work, so am a little embarassed as have missed a few posts and some new friends here--but will remedy that shortly.
    Great to hear you are coming up for your anniversary--don't forget to remind us end of october so we can all have an excuse to party! I might partake of a little "port"---medicinal reasons, yu understand, he he!(SpongeBob will no doubt join me)
    Metinks if we ask nicely Emily might put tha "sqeeze on" and lay on some fresh juices for the alcoholic abstainers!--lol
    All my tests are done now Franny so am waiting on results next wednesday--will keep you posted. I am sure that cancer has radically changed all our lives Franny--but like you--I too am indepted to all our wonderfull friends here. That pot at the end of tha rainbow is just overflowing with love--hey, that's the way it should be too!
    Do hope all is well with the "water" test--don't work too hard--b safe n well----luv n huggs , kanga n Jen
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    WB Franny; keep posting, and give us your blood results. We need to know this stuff.. Bud