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My 59 yr old mom was told yesturday after removing a 3 mm spot off her inner leg for a surgery to place 3 stints to open a blockage, it came in the report being Malignant Melanoma also 3 mm plus Clark's Level IV ..

Can anyone explain to me how serious this is? I have been looking it up on the internet but cannot seem to get how serious this is..

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    i am new to this site. how is your mom? my husband has stage IV and is surviving 2 1/4r years, still fighting and dealing with it well...a real trooper. did she g treatment? we are at john wayne cancer institute /Dr Morton and for Oncology under Dr Stephen O'Day. Let me know if you need info.
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    I was told 20yrs ago that I had Matastised Melamona and that was like talking greek to me, after much searching and many hours I ended up at the M D Anderson clinic in Houston, they inturn told me of a research program in Denver CO right in my back yard because I live in Colorado. The level your mom's diagnosis indicates to me that they are saying that it to has spread and to not sugar coat it, it is serious and you should do all that is possible to get to a very informed hospital such as a university hospital and of course you could call the University of Colorado and speak to the Melanoma center. They always seem to be on the cutting edge ane your mothers age is in her favor or at least I feel it certainly was in my favor since those of us that survied all were of pre minipausal stage in our lives. Good luck to you and your mom if I can help with anything please send me a e-mail at