Liver News about my Mass

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Hi gang well I seen the Dr. today have to go for Pet Scan on friday to see if mass is just in one spot or broken up in other places. He told me that I will get Chemo( I NEVER NEVER thought I would be glad to hear that I can get Chemo) If it is localize I can that portion removed and chemo. If it is scatterd through out the liver I would only get Chemo. Hey any treatment is better than none. So please keep praying for all of us,because they do work. THANK YOU THANK YOU. I almost forgot I will have to get a biopsy too. Montiel


  • Yes, prayers do work, even if we sometimes think they don't. You'll be in mine today as well as in the future. Hope all goes/went well.

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    Hey there Montie,
    I don't post a lot here but I lurk and I want to tell you that I will put the prayers in overdrive for you. I am sending all the good thoughts I can in your direction. You just keep that positive attitude and you will make it through this. Let us know as soon as you know anything new. I will be thinking of you.
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    Hey Montiel,

    Will be praying for you as well. Keep us posted.

    peace, emily