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I well i made another hard decison yesterday i took a medical leve of abscen from work starting today told them notsure for how long but iam hoping by doing this i will beabl to build my strenght back up faster. Iam currently being wined of Mexadothsone whch i am sure will help once iam off that it is such a powerful drug that they have to take you clear down to a half tab a day before going off i will never go back on med like that again.My work was very supportiv in my decison they have seem me go from a very hyper person to almsot noithing. I keep asking the question why is god giving me so much caancer to deal with i have been doing this for almost two years staritght know.breast lung and barain. sorry this is so long . thanks for listing and any feed back in advance. Bunnie


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    I wish I could offer you some words of comfort. I will say that I don't believe God gives you cancer. We live in a fallen world and cancer is one of the things we must deal with. Phillip Yancey has written a book called "Where is God when it hurts?" and I found it to be very helpful and comforting without being preachy or giving you any church-y Sunday school answers. He is very straight forward and doesn't minimize suffering or pain.

    I hope you can use your days off from work to build up your strength and start feeling better - physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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    Bunnie, Cancer is such an insidious disease. We aren't meant to fight so hard and yet that's what you are doing. I remrember you posted hard to slow down and it touched me. I'm sure that you are doing the right thing by listening to your body. What you did took great courage! Please mend, find pleasure, & joy. Sandy
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    Bless you Bunnie!! I know that it was a hard decision to make, but, you will get better faster if you are not pushing yourself so hard. Now it is time for YOU. Whatever you need to help you heal and find peace. I will be praying for you and I send you a big cyber (((((((((hug))))))))

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    Bunnie, I took a year off from work, and you know what? They were so blangydangdang glad to have me back when I returned, it was wonderful! Listen to what your body says it needs, and it will never steer you wrong.
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    Hey there Bunnie~
    I know that is a very hard decision to make. I made that decision last year. Worked when I could.
    It is the right decision, as hard as it is! Overall you will be happy that you did this.
    Take care and I will write you again.

    You do what you have do to kick cancer's butt

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    With all you are going through I think that was the best decision you could have made. Now you can concentrate on getting well. It's difficult to do it all, and us type A personalities have trouble giving it up. Get well, and then go back, they will be glad to see you!

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    Bunnie, you have been in my prayers from previous post. You have a beautiful heart and the strength of a lion! So many days I wanted to just give up and didn't know how.... keep fighting one day at a time. Praise God IN your situation not For it and he will Bless you ten fold. You are not alone, you are not! We are here and the Lord will carry you through and when the molding processing is done you are gonna be one strong role model for sure!
    Love and prayers, Julia