tamoxifen and reconstruction

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I have decided, after 2 years, to have reconstruction after my extensive lumpectomy. I saw the surgeon yesterday and she said I would have to stop taking the tamoxifen for 3 weeks (week before, week of and week after surgery) because of the risk of deep vein thrombosis.

I'm a bit worried about being off the tamoxifen for that long. Has anyone else had reconstruction and had to stop their tamoxifen or has anyone been off of tamoxifen for any other reason?

I would appreciate any insight!



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    Karen, I was taken off Tamoxifen 1 wk prior to reconstructive surgery in Feb. 2003 and got back on it 3 wks afterward. There were no adverse effects of being off it--at least none that I know of! Best wishes for a successful surgery and good recovery . . . Krista
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    cool congratultion on getting your recosturction going. hope all comes out well for you please keep us posted on how things go.Bunnie
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    Hi Jammy,
    Michael here. About being off your chemo.... I can see how it would be a bit worrisome. But try to trust the Dr's judgement. I think if it were a risky procedure, the doctor would keep you on for a while longer. Maybe your counts look good and the time is good for surgery? Either case, I hope your surgery goes well, and you will be very happy with the results. God bless.
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    karen, my plastic surgeon had me stay on it. I missed the day of surgery only. I had bilateral tram.

    Hope this helps,

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    Talked to my onc nurse whom I trust and she said that it is common to stop tamoxifen for surgery. She said the tamoxifen stays in your body for 4 weeks and that the risk of thrombosis outweighs the risk of being off the tamoxifen.