If you could give one piece of advice

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If you could give only one piece of advice to someone going thru cancer treatment, what would it be?
There are so many, let's be creative and help our fellow cancer fighters!

I always try to laugh. It seems like a really hard thing to do during these times, but it does so much good. Rent a good comedy, watch an old sitcom ( or a new one), watch the kids playing outside anything that will put a smile on your face.



  • Hi Barb:

    That would be my number one recommendation as well...laugh until you cry. It's good medicine. For all others (non-cancer patients), my advice which I practice is to get all possible cancer screening tests regularly and insist on them. Make up stories if you have to get screenings and maybe, just perhaps, you won't ever find yourself among the ranks of people who suffer from a cancer that could easily have been detected, treated, and possibly even avoided.

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    I would definitely ditto the above two recommendations but would also add this to consider:

    Open yourself to receive all the wonderful blessings from friends old and new!
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    Saranne Rothberg comes to mind; when she was diagnosed her response was to reach for a Bill Cosby video. She is the founder of "Comedy Cures" - http://www.comedycures.org/ and is NED today.
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    Look for the bright side. There is always a bright side... May not be the one you are looking for but there is always a bright side.

    For example: Permanant Colostomy? NEver shall you worry about horribly dirty public restrooms and think how much money you are going to save on toilet paper.

    Loss of hair: I didn't lose the hair on my head but I did lose all my "hair down there". People pay alot of money for that look. For once I am in vogue.

    Nauseated due to chemo: You don't have to be polite and eat the icky stuff. You can just blame it on the chemo.

    See? There is always a bright side.

    And most important? LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH!!!
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    Mine would be (aside from all the nutrional ones I give ad nauseum haha):


    It is so worth it and very good for mind,body, soul.

    peace, emily who gives massage gift certificates --that's how strongly I feel about it!