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I signed up with CSN not quite a year ago. I have read many posts but this is my first actual posting.

My girlfriend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Nov 2003. The doctors were hopeful since they caught it soon and the spot was small. She has been on chemo until last month. her liver was beginning to fail so they had to take her off. She's gained at least 60 pounds due to the liver failuer issue.

She went through a round of tests a couple of weeks ago and last Wednesday she had a meeting with all eight of her doctors. They are giving her 8 months. If they start chemo again along with radiation they think that will give her another 4. They have already put her name on the liver transplant list. They are also trying to get her into a clinical trial. I am not sure which one yet. They said that they are very strict about the qualifications to get in. If she does get accepted and the trail is successful, they are hopeful to get three years out of that.

Reading everyone's posts on here. I realize that there are many in a similar situation. The hard part was last night when she was calling all her family and mine to let them know the prognosis. My birthday was last week and she was upset because this may be the last birthday she can celebrate with me and she wasn't able to get me a cool gift. It's when she starts talking like that when I break down. Like now. I think of all the plans we had together and none of them may come through. Ok, I need to quit crying. ugh!!

My girlfriend is still being very positive about her situation. She is putting all her affairs in order. She's a very stubborn person and doesn't want this to beat her. I have been lucky in my life and have not had to deal with death in the family. Just distant relatives, but no one so close to me. That's the tough part.

Anyway, I needed to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening.