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Hello everyone,

Firstly, I want to thank everyone for their previous posts. It's really amazing to get so much support from strangers! I was just wondering if anybody could give me their opinion on macrobiotics and the macrobiotic diet. I've seen information indicating a link between macrobiotic diets and cancer survival but obviously this hasn't been proven scientifically. Has anyone been on this type of diet?

As a more general question, what are your general recommendations for a cancer diet? From my (limited) research, it looks like low sugar, low fat, little or no meat/dairy/animal products, moderate fruit, high vegetables and grains is the way to go. Any comments?

Also, my relative (stage IV colon cancer) is currently recovering from surgery (colon resection) and has an appointment with an oncologist next week. He's still very weak and I was wondering if anybody could give us some advice as to how to boost his energy levels and help prepare his body for chemo. Any specific foods he should be eating?

Finally, does anybody have any information about a Dr. Burks in Toronto (Mt. Sinai Hospital)? We were referred to him. My relative has stage IV colon cancer.

If anybody's heard of this Doctor, please let me know.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.




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    Hello ccanon,

    Although I did not completely follow a macrobiotic diet to heal my cancer (I'd mixed juicing with macro), I do encourage you to research its benefits. There is an excellent article in Alternative Medicine magazine (in the latest issue) about a woman who healed her "death-bed" cancer with this diet.

    There is a good testimony book too called When Hope Never Dies by Marlene McKenna (i think is her last name).

    Michio Kushi is the macro guru who wrote a book The Cancer Prevention Diet. It is very good I think and worth the purchase.

    I am currently reading a book on pH balance in healing disease and how cancer flourishes in an acidic state and how important being alkaline is. It is written by a doctor who is a microbiologist I think. (I just started it today). Kushi and macro supports the importance of this pH balance also. An imbalance promotes diseases.

    From the article I understand that 1/3 of the folks who use the macro diet are cured and this has caught the attention of mainstream research who will be starting a study on this. WooHoo!!

    Hope this helps.

    peace, emily who loves miso and tofu and kombucha!