should I be worried

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Hey Everyone, I just have a question. For about a month or so I have had a pain under my right arm. I don't think there is anything there, but it won't go away and sometimes seems worse than others. My last pet-scan was June and things looked good. I have an appointment with my doctor on September 9th. I was just wondering if I should be concerned. I only had radiation treatment and know that breast cancer can happen, my treatments ended in March of 2003. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanx Sandi


  • truejoy8
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    Hey Stepet,

    I'd definately get it looked at. I wouldn't worry about it yet since it could be a lot of different things. You do have lymph nodes under your arm there. If that's the area you had radation on or near then that can cause all kinds of weird sensations for quite a while afterwards too. A lot can change in a scan since June though so i would insist on another one soon just to be safe if I were you. It could be somethings as simple as an pulled muscle or something but better to be safe.

    I know that recently I was having horrible mouth pain and didn't mention it because I assumed it was from the chemo and there was nothing more I could do about it. I finally did mention it and it turns out it was a canker sore. My doc wrote me a prescrition and it healed up in days. But I suffered in silence for too long over nothing.

    Good luck to you with your doctor. I'm sure that no matter what you'll be fine. Take care.