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My July PSA test 3 months after my RP was .2 The Doctor said not to worry it's probably only traces left over that need to be filtered out of your system. Being .2 I was a little sceptical of that answer. He ordered another blood test for the end of August and my results just came in it's .0 no trace of any PSA at all. I am on a 6 month Psa check for a few years now. I also am almost through the VA process for my Copensation and Disability . I have already had my physical and was told that I will get 100% . I'll beleive that when I see it!! In the mean time , I'm happy just to have a 0 reading on my PSA test, I will try and close this chapter of my life now and get on with all of the things in life that I thought were going to be taken away from me!
Here is a little background info on me.

I am 58 years old, my cancer was picked up routine blood test, and my PSA was 4.2 , it had jumped from 2.2 in a year. My Physician told me that if I had not had this test in the past to have created a base line ,he would have sent me home and waited for another year to check it. For my age 4.2 was not a bad reading, but to go from 2.2 to 4.2 in a year indicated something. My Urologist told me after the operation and the Pathology work came back the he has never seen a Cancer spread so fast in such a young guy with such a low reading, and I would have surly died from this disease because it was spreading so fast that he could actually see the Cancer outside of my Prostate enough to cut it away from my nerves and cauterized that location. So if I had not been based lined and my Doctor had sent me home for another PSA check a year from now , who knows what condition I would have been in by than! My current condition now is : My staging was upgraded after the Pathology workup to a stage 3 because I was Margin Positive in 3 locations. My Urologist said the good things are is that my Gleason level stayed a 6 and was not upgraded and my Lymphoids were removed so if the cancer does show up again it should stay local and can be easily zapped with radiation treatments if and when its needed. So I will wait until July 1st for my first PSA test results and go from there.


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    That is great news!
    Now, as you go continue down lifes path, please try to share, remember and console those you encounter that have not fared as well with your results. It is a scary situtation, men, women and especially children encounter.
    Stay in touch and good luck.
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    Please update on your dealings and results with the VA. Thanks