Drain Removal

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I have heard horror stories about the removal of the Drain after a mastectomy. I have two drains and would like to hear about how the drain is removed and what I should expect.


  • Mbladet
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    I had four drains post-op. I still have two ( 1 1/2 week later). The first ones were removed without a problem. I can say that the drains have given me more discomfort than the surgery. Can't wait to get the other two out and take a shower - doctor says another 5 days or so. :-( Good luck to you. Take some Tylenol before you go and you'll be fine.
  • jdubious
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    Dragging around those drains is the worst! I had mine out 3 weeks ago after having them almost a month. I had 2, and removal is very fast, but a bit uncomfortable and feels weird. But it didn't really hurt any worse than changing the dressing. The doctor will remove the stiches holding the tubing, then simply (!?!) and quickly pull them out. My doctor pulled both at once, so by the time I figured out what was going on, it was done. It was so great to have them out, I didn't really care how it felt!
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    it wasnt the worst thing too have them pulled but not the best either the first one of mine did hurt at all but the second on hurt a little more i could fell him hank it out.but like the others i was gald to be rid of them and take a shower.Bunnie
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    Hi...I had no pain when the drain was removed and I was SO glad to have that thing out. It grossed me out so much yet strangely fascinated me. When my surgeon removed the drain, he put a little spot bandaid on it which I thought was a severe case of optimism. The incision (I was going to call it a hole but that sounded bad) leaked a little bit after he took the drain out so be prepared for that.

  • seeknpeace
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    Hey!! I hated the drains the worst. I had four of them and the two that were on either breast were the worst and are the places that are still tender. I have a difficult time wearing a bra now for a long period of time. But, truthfully, I was one of the lucky ones. I felt absolutely nothing but this blubbery, fluttery feeling when they were being pulled from my body...weird, but, no pain at all. It is over so quickly and you feel like you grew arms or something. So much freedom.

  • DeeNY711
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    Not to worry. One of mine fell out by itself. It is a cold wet sliding sensation. The other two were removed, and those felt like something slippery sliding out from wherever the #$%! they had been for all that while. Like most everything else, the anticipation is the worst part.
  • SusanAnne
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    I have had drains twice. Once after my mastectomy and then after reconstruction. The first time was 1 1/2 ago and that time it hurt. I couldn't believe what was at the end of the tube when they pulled it out. It was a long rectangular flat drain with holes all around. The second time I had 4 drains and was dreading having them removed. However, technology had improved evidently and they were just the tubes with holes all along them and the removal was much easier. You shouldn't have a problem.
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    I only had one drain, but it did not hurt coming out. The doctor said it may hurt a little bit as he pulled it out. I laughed and said I've had 3 kids you call that pain? He laughed as well. There is nothing better that getting that drain out!

  • kimbuckt
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    An odd and curious feeling when they are removed, I have had four throughout the process, the strangest being in my abdomen after reconstruction, like giant worms being removed, but only a second of sensation- be it good or bad- yuck!