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my wife has a form of breast cancer that is hormone receptive. all her treatments are completed and she is doing well. for vaginal dryness she has been given Vagifem. in reading the labeling it is basically hormones. she has had her ovaries removed to eliminate this naturally. is this going to create an issue for her to be concerned with?


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    My bc was est/prog negative. I had a complete hysterectomy a year before I was dx. Even though I am negative, my oncologist says that I am at risk for cancer if I take hormones. So, she said no, after she allowed a short withdrawal period.

    I am not sure about hormones in the vagifem, but, I would ask the oncologist about it. They should be able to say for sure. I thought that since I was neg, and had both breasts removed, I could go back to hormones, I have no ovaries, etc. But, I could not. My cancer was very aggressive, so maybe that is part of it, but, I would ask. Good luck and she is lucky to have a husband who has sought an answer on this site.

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    Hi, if your wife is Hormone receptive it means the cancer cells can actually be blocked (like little lock and keys surrounding cell) by hormones. That is why they often give women with ca postive tamoxifin, etc. She is fine. The reason I know, I am hormone negative and have had a terriable time deciding if it is worth the risk, good luck, no pun intended, Julia