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I was in the chat room tonight and was attacked for telling about how I imagined holding on the robe of Jesus when I received my chemo. Since when can you not talk about something like that? I wasn't pushing it on anyone, just stating an experience. I'm never going back in there again. I have never pushed what I believe on anyone but I was treated like I was. I thought this place was safe but I feel really sad and I don't think I'll come back.


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    That is very unfortunate and I am sorry that you were hurt. I guess that some ppl prefer to keep the chat room away from religious discussion since there are so many different religions and beliefs. It could get sticky. A lot of us have been pulled through these trials by our faith, but, maybe not everyone's faith is in the same thing.

    But, please come here. I notice that some have created web pages that they point ppl to from time to time to share their experience with their faith and cancer, and others make a mention of prayers, etc. I guess this is a place to share how you are surviving and when you feel like you aren't to get strength. We certainly want you to feel free to do that.
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    Hi i cant belive you where treated like that how unfair i have been in there lots of time and people are tallking religion. please do not let just a few people keep you from going in there and seeking the help and quidance that you need. Bunnie
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    Your experience is very unfortunate, but as it is written (paraphrased) if the world hated me (Christ) how much more so will they hate you. These are definately times where the persecution of Christians is becoming much more predominant.
    I have a website called Conquering Cancer Through Christ that you are welcome to come to. It is at
    We have a message board and a chat room along with some wonderful prayer warriors and two Pastors.
    God bless!
    Hope you get this message and come visit us.
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    Hi jam:

    I too am sorry you had a negative experience in sharing your personal belief system in the chat room. I've only visited chat a few times in the almost 3 years I've been a registered CSN member and there is indeed a very diverse group in there more often than not.

    My personal feelings about religion in any public forum/setting is that it can offend others when someone makes clear their personal belief system. It's just a fact of our multi-cultural society that not everyone shares the same beliefs. A multitude of diverse beliefs, thoughts and feelings prevail and it can become problematic.

    I am in no position to judge anyone's faith or to ever attempt to say one is right and one is wrong. If one believes, then whatever they choose to believe and live is right for them. My bottom line is that it matters no more to me what religion one practices than it matters the colour of their skin. Which is not at all. It simply doesn't matter. By the same token, I am very happy for anyone who has a belief system which serves them well in helping them to find strength, peace or perspective in life as well as in death. I personally think it's perfectly ok to relate how ones "faith" has helped them and find nothing offensive in such a statement. Perhaps when said you'd envisioned holding onto Jesus' robe (and I'm just guessing here) it offended someone and it was just too much for them in that particular moment? It's good to remember also, that in chat, someone could possibly be on heavy medication or have just received bad news or lost a loved one, be feeling terribly sad, angry or sick and tired of being sick and tired which could cause them to attack your comments. Atheist and agnostics are touched by cancer too and the wonderful thing about websites like this one is that everyone is welcomed.

    If I were you I wouldn't worry about it too much and I'd continue to visit chat if that's what you want to do.

    There are many wonderful websites one may visit for religious specific spirituality and I hope you may find one which fills you up. One where you can share your faith with like minded people without reprimand or judgment. One is suggested here as a matter of fact. I'd just chalk it up to bad timing with the wrong person(s)and not take it personally, as we're all anonymous here unless we choose to be otherwise. It's not that religion is wrong to discuss here, rather I think it's just not socially correct in certain places because people can and do respond dramatically sometimes, particularly if they think they've connected with someone who is bent upon converting other's or comes on too strongly.

    The same holds true for politics. Those two topics are responsible for more misunderstandings and ill feelings developing than most every other subject combined, it seems. One of my very good friendships here at CSN grew out of an initial misunderstanding between us. We are both passionate and independent thinkers and it so happened that we disagreed strongly about politics AND religion! We realized the value of each other, thankfully, and out of the ashes grew a friendship which I value very highly. We were fortunate in being able to see beyond our differences. She is someone whom I respect, admire and trust. Yet our diametrically opposed political and religious views remain. Proof that wonderful surprises can be found in the most unexpected places! Sometimes in life the differences matter less than the commonalities?

    My suggestion is to cherish your faith, for it is yours and very deep, valuable and personal...perhaps just try to tread softly in uncharted waters.

    Feel better soon.

    Love, light and laughter,
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    This is always an ongoing talk.... Everyone, including you have the right to share THIER experience period. If your not recruiting, putting others down for their beliefs, stick up for your own right to talk about your experience. Hugs Julia