Upset my privacy violated by local news!

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My name is Fiona and I am a 20 year survivor of Acinic Cell Carcinoma (pretty rare). This happened when I was in high school and it created somewhat of a commotion at the time because 4 other girls were diagnosed with cancer at my high school and it made the news then. My name was not mentioned in the original story in 1985. For some reason it has come back up again and a local news station slapped my photograph (from my old yearbook) and gave my name on their 5:00 p.m. broadcast. They NEVER asked my permission to disclose the information, much less put up my photograph! Immediately my phone begins to ring. Some family who wondered if I knew about it and friends of mine who didn't know what I had been through called and now want to know "all the details" of my ordeal. My own children didn't know, because I never wanted them to worry, but then they heard about it through a friend's mother who saw the broadcast and they are very upset. Do I have any recourse against this?? They shouldn't be able to do this sort of thing!
Thanks for reading this and letting me vent and if you have any advice I'd be so happy to hear it.


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    i know what you mean about privacy. Under the new HEPA Law, I don't think they were suppose to do that. you shoulld contact an attorney and ask them. I am sorry thiis happen to you. It happen to me at a hospital once and i sure let the big shots know about it.

    hugs Robin