Frontal Hybrid Chemotherapy

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I'm trying to find people who have received Frontal Hybrid" combination drug therapy for hodgkins disease. I believe that the treatment is specific to The Christie Hospital in the UK but there may be others out there using this treatment now.

My reason for trying to find others is that I am suffering from a progressive problem with my joints/ligaments. About 3 months after my treatment finished I was able to run up the 11 flights of stairs to my apartment. Now, 3 months later I am unable to even walk up 1 flight! My knees, hips, calves and other ligaments are just seizing up and no-one out there in medical land seems remotely interested.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



  • patsie1
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    Hi mark......good to meet ya! my name is pat, i had frontal in hybrid at christie hospital in 1992 as treatment for Hodgkins Disease, i have had problems since but not with joint and ligaments, Can i suggest that you contact Christie Hopstial direct. I for one would be interested in what they have to say. Let me know how ya get email is [email protected]