my father's lung tumor is it cancer?

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memorial day weekend 2004, my dads doctor found a 9cm mass in the left lung, the ct scan reaffirmed this, the pet scan lit up only here, no biospy was done the surgeon said it had to come out regardless of it being benign or cancerous and would tell him what it is after the surgery, my dad refused, and wanted to know first, it has been two and a half months and we still dont know for sure what it is, cancer markers are neg and sputum is neg, and the right side suspicious node was neg, is a pet scan truely accurate for cancer? i dont know what to tell my dad, the surgeon finally agreed to do a biopsy on thurs the 26 of aug maybe we will find out, does anyone else ever hear of such a thing?


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    A friend had a spot show up on her pet. It turned out to be a pus pocket. So I guess an abnormality shows up as hot cancer or not. Ask the Dr.
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    Hi. I had lung cancer in 1999. Mine was squamus cell stage 2B. You might want to talk to your father's doctor about a broncoscopy. It is really a simple test, almost.:) The doctors numb your throat so you don't gag. Then a tube is placed through the nose and down into the lung. You don't feel a thing! At the end of the tube is a small camera to guide the doctor and also has the ability to take a sample. In my case, they washed my lung with a saline solution (I think it was saline), and then drawn out again. They can then test the sample they get from this. You have to wait to go home until you get your gag reflex back and are able to eat and drink. They have to make sure you can swallow. I don't know where you live, but if you are in New Jersey, you can have your doctor refer your father to Deborah Heart and Lung Center in Browns Mill NJ. Sometimes the CT scans and PET scans can give a false positive. Also another thing to remeber is that not all cancers show up with a marker. Mine did though. I have had 2 other occurances with lung cancer now once in 2002 and again now in 2004, in addition to ovarian cancer also in 1999. They have just discovered the lung cancer had shown in my lymph nodes in my pelvic. The last time it was at the head of my pancreas. I wish you and your family lots of love and I'll pray for you. If you or your father need to talk, you can email me directly at God be with you. Anne Cuoaao