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Jean my initial dx was 8/02 not 04.Oops again.I was 40-50% ER 20% PR HERNEU Negative. What treatment are you on. Suzy


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    When I had a recurrence, I was taking tamoxifen - ending two years on it. Then tookd zometa for the bone mets and femara in place of tamoxifen - it was useless - after CT scan, found liver and lungs involved also. Began herceptin, had a port put in for navelbine and then took those two together from January to end of May. Herceptin gave me heart failure, navelbine stopped working - but never helped the liver, procrit never did much for the red cells - rec'd weekly as well as transfusios three times at least. Then in July given choice of xeloda or not - after much thought said NO. Continuing with Zometa hoping to save myself from more bone troubles. Xeloda MIGHT have given me some extra time - few months - maybe not. I am now in God's hands and nature's hands and waiting for further developments.Trying to enjoy each day - friends have not forgotten me.
    Herceptin would not be for you since you are Her2neu negative. Keep in touch with us.

    Love and good luck, Jean