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I got the results yesterday - I guess I am officially a survivor now!



  • stepet
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    That is GREAT news!! It is so good to hear the words clean scan! It took a year after treatment for me to hear those words and even till this day I have concerns that it will return. Enjoy your new clean bill of health.
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    Lisa, This is wonderful news! This is the light at the end of the tunnel that you were waiting for. Sounds like you have responded well to your treatments and thats a very good thing. The Pet scans today are more accurate than the cat scans. I'm am so happy for you and now you can live life to the fullest again. Someday you will look back and this whole experience will end up being a small detour of your life.
    Lots of hugs and best wishes to you. My dad has been in remission now for about 4 months, his hair is growing back nicely and he is feeling almost 100%. It is almost a month he is finished with radiation and is getting his taste buds back, the rads made him very tired, but recently he is feeling pretty good. Take care - thanks for letting us know.
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    congrads on your great news! May God Bless you with strength and good health.