Prayers for my close friends!

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Hello Guys!! Bob and I are hanging in there. I am posting as I need to ask my new friends to say a prayer for a very old friend of mine who just past away from cancer. He gave it all he had for the last 20 years but he lost the battle this past Monday. The prayers are for his wife and family who are having a very hard time. Everyone knew that it was his time but it doesn't make the hurt any earier!! I feel really bad as she has been there for me and I couldn't get to the serve's to help her. As it was Ray her husband whom spoke often to Bob to help him get through the beginning of all this mess. Please say a prayer for Ray and his family. Thank all of you very much!!!! Sue and Bob


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    Hullo Sue--sorry to hear about Ray.Of course you have our prayers.Do look after yourself.I am sure Ray new of your concern for him--we can only do so much Sue.Our luv to you and Bob.
    God bless Ray and his family.
    kanga n Jen