Thanks Guys! - liver surgery/prayers reply

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Thanks to all who replied to me about liver surgery/prayers request! You guys are my inspiration! SpongeBob - if I see Michelle, I tell her Howdy! And thanks for the rainbow too :) We actually had on over our house last evening! That is the third time this year so i take it as a good sign. I will be looking more into the raspberry extract and let you know what I find. What I know so far is that it apperently helps to keep the cancer from recurring, i think. There's eccilic acid (sp?) in it and it is available online at many places. Nurse at Hopkins says to get the extract cause it sur would be hard to find red raspberries year round and there are quite expensive :) I am going to look more intom the ABM mushroom also. Seems people who live near Brazil have been eating it and they live into their 100's. It also sound promising. The chemical in it is also in Shitake and other mushrrom, but not quite as concentrated. As I continue my reasearch , I will be sure to share my findings. Thanks so much for your guidance and prayers. I will post here as soon as I can post-op and let you know how the surgery goes. You are all very special to me and someday I would really like to meet you and celebrate survival! Hugs, prayers and rainbows to each of you! Live strong.
Sally Jo