lawlette, how are you feeling?

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Was just thinking of you. Wondering how your first treatment went. I'm already thinking of my 2nd treatment this coming Monday. I guess over the last 6 months I have had so little time feeling "normal", that the sick feeling I get with this treatment is the last way I want to feel.

I'm hoping I just get used to it and move on.

Hope you are fairing well and have a great day.



  • kangatoo
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    Gee--ah hope we hear from Lawleete soon--it is always a worry Barb just waiting--I know that all here are concerned about any of our friends having treatment--"including you!"
    Will think of you next week--I will be in hospital tuesday so will have plenty of time to reflect on my dear friends here.

    BTW---yu wanna go easy sittin on tha toot(loo--toilet--he he whatever)----would hate to find yu endin up with a permanent imprint of that toilet bowl on your butt!!!!--lol--oops--just fell orf me chair!
    luv kanga n Jen