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my doctor that took care of me during my stem cel trasplant, wants to put me on paxil, she says it helps the hot flashes and is going to help my sex life. she said it will help me sleep better so i can go off my ambien. what do you think about that????


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    I think its good to be open minded about other therapies such as Paxil, and Ambien, etc. If it is for our benefit, then great! There is a blood pressure medicine called Clonidine. It opens the vessels in the extremeties and constricts them in the head and face. At very low doses, could this also help with hot flashes? maybe its worth asking the Doc? Hope the paxil works for you! Good to see your life improving!!
    -Michael (leukemia survivor)
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    When my doctor took me off my hormone meds, I was given Paxil. I now take 40 mg a day and that seems to be good for me except I have no sex drive. Maybe that is not what caused it for me. I also took Ambien to help with sleep and it was so good that I got addicted to it and had to slowly get off because I couldn't sleep without it. The two drugs worked well together. Now I only take the paxil. God Bless You as you continue your battle. Susan
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    It can help with hot flashes and with the ups and downs so many of us in this club deal with.
    As far as sex, sometimes the opposite is true and libido is adversely affected. I take Celexa which has worked well for me and is similar to Paxil. It really helps with the moodiness I acquired after chemopause began. I have known others on this board who take Effexor with great success. It's definitely worth giving it a try.
    Good luck - Diane
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    Hi all I am Leslie. I take paxil and have been on it for 6 yrs now. It made my sex drive go away completely and now that I have went threw chemo and rads my sex drive is up and the highest it has ever been and I am still on paxil. So I dont know if the paxil has wore off or what. I am 37 now so it might be that I am in my prime too. I have hot flashes and am going threw the change as well soooooooo. But I like my sex drive being so strong cause there were years I didnt have one.
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    I am sorry but paxil is an antidepressant. My neice was put on it and tried to kill herself, she has stopped taking it after being hospitalized for 3 days. She is doing better.