Any one heard of Mangosteen?????

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Hello everyone...
My husband has Stage III rectal cancer, finished chemo in May, went in for blood work today and CEA was down to 1.8 and liver functions were normal (they were previously high). He goes in for scans in November. Anyway, a friend brought some information today to work on mangosteen fruit. Has anyone ever heard of this? It supposedly is used especially in the southeastern countries for thousands of years for healing. I got a copy of a medical paper and information that tells that it has powerful antioxidants called xanthones. Its an all natural fruit and they puree it sell it in liquid form. You take 2 oz a day and supposedly it helps protect the body's immune system for many diseases. It is highly recommended by many doctors across the US. There has been alot of research on it over many years and its documented in many journals of pharmacology. Just wanted any one's opinion or if you have every heard about it. I was thinking about trying it, I have heard of several people taking it and they all say that there blood test results in many areas have improved. There is a web site

Let me know what you think....
take care all...


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    Sounds like a job for Super Juicer... Commissioner, turn on the Juice-Light! That special signal that goes out all over Gotham City to alert 2bHealed that there is a naturopathic quandry!

    I know mangos (or as Dan Quayle would type, "mangoes") have a lot of anti-oxidants. I wonder if it's related or maybe even just a special strain/hybrid of a mango?

    In the mean time mangos/mangoes are quite delicious, healthy, and make an awesome juice when plended with 50% Bacardi Rum and 25% heavy cream... (yum-yum, hic!)

    Congrats to your hubby on lowering his CEA and his good liver numbers!