kidney cancer of the lungs

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In Oct.2002,While preparing for a hernia operation the Doctors found a baseball size tumor on my left kidney.It was removed and all presumed well.Now,in oct.2003,after a ct scan they found spots on my left lung.After a biopsy was done the Doctor's told me I had kidney cell cancer of both lungs.I have been going through treatments of interluken2 at a hospital near my home.I had 7 treatments my first week and 6 treatments my second week.I was told most patients only make it through 4 or 5 treatments at the most.The side affects are quite strong at times.I've had riggors,vomitting amd 103 degree fevers.But I was told at my last oncologists visit that the spots on my lungs appear to be getting smaller.I will not lose this fight.I will stand strong and go on with my life.I have a strong faith in my LORD and SAVIOR as does my family.I have a very loving and caring church family that comes to see me and pray for me constantly.I am getting ready today to start my third week on treatment.I have read many success stories about interluke2 and I plan on standing up in front of my church members and telling them I am healed.I pray that all who read this and suffer any type of cancer that THE LORD will heal you and make you whole.I also pray you find a loving and caring team of Doctor's and nurse's to care for you while you are going through treatments.GOD BLESS everyone.


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    Your positive outlook and great faith is what will get you through this. I was given only 6 mo. and now I am a 2 year lung cancer survivor (never a smoker) and it is only by the grace of God that I am here!
    Good Luck!
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