Ordered my juicer

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Emily, just wanted to say thanks for all your info. I did some reseach and just placed my order for the Champion Commercial Juicer. Can't wait to get started. ( Got the kids all fired up , too!)

Have a great day.



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    Hey Em, chalk up another convert...Bud
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    nanuk said:

    Hey Em, chalk up another convert...Bud

    Hey Em--chalk up another convert----he he --lol
    Waddayahreckon Bud--we outa give Em a gold medal for prsistence then file for "spotters fee" from the Champion manufacturers---he he---errrrrrrr--sorry Barb--'ol kanga can't resist a chuckle or two.
    luv kanga n Jen
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    Welcome to the club Barb!!!

    Now be prepared for that lovely orange color on the palms of your hands and your face.....and no, it's not QT!

    Drink chugga-lugga!

    cheers to all my juicing buddies!

    peace, emily who is thrilled (and no does not get any kick-backs from Champion or the carrot growers of America)