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Hi all,
As a continuation of the thread for MRI's, I thought I would post an article that I found. Maybe some of you have already read it. Since we all already had breast cancer, I think we are all in the high risk now. I have had my first MRI because the mammogram or ultrasound could not rule out cancer in my other breat.
If you haven't already talked with your doctor about MRI, you may want to look into it. Both are valuable at reading different kinds of cancer that one or the other may not pick up. As in my case and many others here the mammogram did not pick up my cancer.


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    Kris, my question is how you got your insurance carrier to cover an MRI for this purpose. I know several people who's insurance companies have refused.
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    Krisrey, very interesting article, I'm definately going to ask my doc to check me w/mri. I am considered in high risk because of my family history so it sounds like its a smart thing to do. hopefully my insurance company will fill the same way! thanks for sharing, Julie
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    epgnyc said:

    Kris, my question is how you got your insurance carrier to cover an MRI for this purpose. I know several people who's insurance companies have refused.

    Hi epgnyc,
    When I was first dx I remember my surgeon saying that it was probably the way to go for me with MRI's and he asked me what insurance I had. Apparently at the time it did not cover but he said all he had to do was write a letter and he most likely could get it covered. Since that time my insurance company now covers them. I am fortunate where I have good insurance at HMOBlue in Mass. What state do you live? I think it does not hurt to ask for one regardless and as you probably know, we have to be our own advocates so it may mean you will have to fight to get one.
    If you need any other info let me know.
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    Hi...I had my mammo at a imaging facility, was told to wait 6 mos. I called my MD who referred me to the surgeon so that he could review my films and see if he recommended a core needle biopsy. Upon review, he concurred with the imaging center, that I did not have cancer. But, because he could see how nervous I was, and because of my family history, he sent me for the core needle, which was done by the imaging center. The core needle is done with the assistance of, I think that they are done by imaging ppl. And of course, they were both wrong. The imaging center that I went to is a breast clinic, that is all that they do. You just need a referral to get the biopsy. Any of your doctors can refer you, your regular doc, your GYN,etc. So, I would go to whichever doctor you are comfortable with and get the biopsy done, that is your main concern. Once you get the results, if they are not good, then you can worry about the surgeon. Your doctor will be able to get you in very quickly should it not be benign....

    Good luck and please do this next week. And, keep us posted.

  • Hi, Krisrey:

    Thanks for posting the article. As a relatively young woman [40 in October] who has had breast, cancer, my docs insist on MRI's. I also have dense breasts. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield. My docs always have to call the insurance company first, and explain why they want the MRI. I've had two so far since my diagnosis, and they've been approved. I think if an insurance company balks, then if the doctors call or complete required forms, then the insurance companies are more likely to agree to cover the charge.

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    I just printed off the article from the ACS page talking about the MRI for Breast Cancer and High-Risk Women. It is about time! My breast cancer was not detected by a mammogram and had this been suggest, it would have helped me out alot! My doctor was aware that I was considered "high risk" too but never suggested it. Isn't it amaxing how we have to go through these things before we learning the hard way!