Breast Reduction Surgery

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After seven years I have decided that I would like to pursue a breast reduction in my "good" breast. Will I be up against an insurance battle? Have folks had good luck with coverage for such surgery? I'm tired of poor fitting bras and slipping straps and feeling lop-sided. Thanks.


  • seeknpeace
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    Hi there...well, as I understand the change in the laws as concerns breast cancer and plastic or reconstructive surgery, you can get that done. If you are not happy with feeling uneven, or different, I understood my doctor to say that I can have as many surgeries as I need to get it right. I would think that would apply to your situation too.
  • PegN
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    Hi, I think there was a law passed that this surgery can be done for "symmetry". When I called my insurance company, I was told it was covered. I had mastectomy/reconstruction and reduction at the same time. I haven't gotten the hospital bill, but I am assuming it is covered. Your doctor probably knows how to document your need so that it will be covered. Hope this information helps!
  • Carrottop
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    Don't do it! I had reduction on the "good" breast and I look like I have been in a fight with Edward Scissorhands! I scarred very badly (who could know) and they itch terribly. It has been a year and 2 months now and I would rather have one droopier - at least it was whole and not altogether unattractive! Now they both just need covering up!