jaw pain on oxciplatin (SP)

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Hi all. Just started my oxy,5FU and leukovoran this afternoon. I seem to be having some jaw pain when I eat. Usually only the first couple of bites, then it goes away. Anyone have this or heard of it?

I'm going to tell my oncology nurse in the morning. See what she says.

I've never had jaw problems before, so I really don't think it is a coincidence.

Have a great night all.



  • scouty
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    Oh yeah. The first bite of anything does hurt. The harder the food, the more intense the pain. It does subside in seconds (seems longer then that at the time). I have taken to biting into something soft first then move to the harder foods. It still bothers me but doesn't seem to be as bad. The good news is that it doesn't last but a few days.

    Lisa P.
  • tkd3g
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    Thanks Lisa. I can tell by the way it feels that it isn't serious. I do have to report to the nurse anyway. Have a great night.
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    OH YEAH! When I take my first bite of anything after the oxy I almost fall down the pain is that intense...hard to describe but I know you know it...it goes away after a few days for me but I am aware of it and am ready for it...its minor and passing but definitely tell your nurse and onc. EVERYTHING...no matter how small or insignificant it may seem it matters that they document it in your chart. I actually keep a spiral journal and write everyday what I am feeling and I use that when I meet with my onc,. every two weeks. Its a record since I mightn't remember if something happens and its two weeks till I see the dr. again. Just a suggestion.

    Best of luck for you through your treatment but come here often and post = we are all going through the same thing and that makes us unique in being able to help each other.

  • Hi Barb, my husband Bert had this too...only for the first couple of bites. It does go away...never lasted more than a day or two.