Stage IV bladder cancer

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My dad was recently diagnosed with stage III bladder cancer. He went into surgery last tuesday to have his bladder and prostate removed. during surgery the doctor discovered more tumors in his pelvic lymph nodes. he stopped the surgery and now we are going through a series of chemo and then hopefully back to surgery to remove bladder and prostate. i was hoping someone else had been through a similar experience and could talk about the road ahead. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions would be appreciated. God Bless


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    7 years ago I underwent major surgery to have my bladder removed. I had been diagnosed with Stage lV invasive bladder cancer. My prostate, my appendix and some lymph nodes were removed. I now have a NeoBladder that funtions beautiful. I will be 67 yrs old in December. I am a male.
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    Keep weight on your dad. If he has any bone pain SCREAM for a bone scan not an XRAY. Don't let them tell you is is arthritis etc-It is metastasis to the bone unless proven otherwise. I was told dad was fine 2 months ago-now his hip is fractured and there is a 9 cm mass and things look bleak. Xray doesn't detect anything until it is 50% destruction of the bone-my dad's bone was fine by scan in April-Hip pain in June-and now his hip has dissolved. Radiation would have worked wonders in June-now I pray for a miracle.