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Is there anyone out there who has been diagnosed with LMP ovarian cancer and had a recurrence. I am a 38 year old, who was first diagnosed with LMP ovarian cancer at age 32. I had a hysterectomy and debulking surgery at that time and followed up with exams and CA125's every 3 months. I was going on my sixth year of being cancer free, and had a recurrence January 2004 (by the way my CA125 was only 26 day prior to the surgery). I had a cancerous mass in my bladder this time, and there was a different type of cell present in addition to the LMP. Therefore, I had the standard six rounds of chemo and just finished six weeks ago. Since then I have had another CT scan and it looks like the chemo did not help. Now I am exploring other treatment options. Does anyone have any advice for me???


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    You are in my prayers. I'm newly dx OvCa but I'm wondering ifyou've had second opinion or sought information on clinical trials through