Exercise and JP drains

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It's been 3 weeks since my surgery (mastectomy and nodes, left side) and I still have JP drains. I'm having trouble with some of the exercises - finger-walking the wall above a certain level makes the area around the drains hurt. My arm mobility is pretty good except raising my arm - when I raise it over a certain height, it hurts where the drains are. Should I be concerned or just wait till the drains are out (any day - I can't wait!) or does anyone have any alternate exercises?


  • seeknpeace
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    Hi...don't you just hate those drains? I had four and the ones on my abdomen came out a long time before the breast ones did. I had a bilateral mastectomy and tram flap.

    I would say that you should not push this while you have the drains. When it hurts, you body is sending a warning signal. You are gonna have time to get that arm use where it should be, so honey, try to relax. And, anytime you are concerned, call the doctors office and ease your mind.

    The incisions that held my two upper drains still are sore and hurt. It is a traumatic thing that happens to us. I would just do what you can, and stop. Good luck and hang in there....

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    Hi j, I remember having my drains in for an extended time also and that exercising was difficult. My surgeon told me to do only what I was able without causing strain or pain until the drains were removed. I agree with Jan. Take it easy right now and do what you can comfortably. It will get easier once the drains are out.
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    Hi dont push yourself it gets easier once the drains are out.Just take one day at a time.bunnie
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    Just take it easy for now until the JP drains come out . Once they are out do not stop doing your arm exercises it is very improtant to do the exercises .