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Sorry Ive been so quiet.. its been a long recovery for Ben. He still hadnt started chemo and still is having wound care issue do to diabetes. I am having surgery myself on Monday the 9th for my cervical neck.. this is my 2nd surgery on it.. Been having back trouble now for 3 years.It will be at Georgetown in Washington DC.
Had to take Ben to the ER last night again as his front incision ( he had a rear incision too) started ozzing but his white counts were ok so we just need to keep a eye on that. Never thought it would take so long for him to heal the diabetes is really playing havoc on him.


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    I'm so sorry to hear of Ben's struggles. May your surgery go well and Ben's healing be swift.


  • I am so sorry for you struggles and I know how draining they can be, but things will get better. Take care of yourself too please. You've got some healing to do once surgery is over and I wish you the best of luck with it.