Changes for the better

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I have used this forum to complain and share agony, so I wanted to share that I have had several interviews for jobs the past couple of weeks. That seems to be how it goes, you apply to a million places and they all come in at once.

I go tomorrow to interview for a consumer affairs job and I am excited. So far, a loan officer, a case worker, a benefits consultant and the one tomorrow.

Keep your fingers crossed that one of them offers me a job. (I owned a small investment company that I had to close when I was dx, so, this is a big step for me and a relief. A job now will not come a second too soon. But, I guess that things work out for the best. I do not think that I was ready to work until was my 6 month anniversary from my bilateral mastectomy!!)



  • You go girl!!! We'll all be praying you through.
  • KarenKL
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    That is some good news. It never hurts to do something new to take the mind off the past. Congratulations.