Anyone with hope?

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Hi. I haven't been here for months. Sorry. I just received tumore marker results and they were high. This test should run between 0 and 3 and it came back 27. The times before were .9 and 2.4. The lab doesn't think that the results are okay and running them again. Has this happend to anyone. Has anyone had high results with no sign of cancer? Please, I am desperate and don't...can't go through this again. Please advise. Thank you. Bryan


  • Hi and glad to hear from you again but I wish under different circumstances. My Bert has been going through an elevated CEA since January of this year and yet, so far, has remained cancer free with no evidence of disease anywhere (Yeah)

    We never had a CEA before surgery but after surgery, he was at 0.9 until January when all of a sudden it jumped to 5.5, climbing gradually (test done every two weeks) to 9.0 in May. While not as high as yours, worrisome nonetheless. Went of Chemo in June and CEA dropped to 6.0...still not normal, but better than 9.0! My point here is that in all that time that it was climbing, all test that were done every 6 to 8 weeks (CT/PET/Colonoscopy/MRI yada, yada, yada were negative.

    Try not to let yourself get too upset over one test's so sensitive and many, many times inacurate. Glad that the lab is doing it again. One result general does not indicate a heck of a whole's a trend line that the docs look for.

    I know that my words offer little comfort and I should talk since I'm sweating bullets myself (Bert's latest PET/CT results in tomorrow), but before you over-worry, wait to see what a second reading indicates. Here's hoping for a good one!

    Monika & Bert
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    Oh, Bryan,
    I'm sorry for your hopeless day. Is there anyone nearby that you can speak with? Sometmes just sharing the burden makes it lighter. I have just completed 6 months of chemo for stage 3 and I'm not sure how I would handle a recurrance. The most we all can hope for is the strength to manage what comes.
    I do know from this baord that CEA readings can be all over the map, and are effected by multiple factors. Hope yours don't indicate anything serious.
    I hope you find renewed strength; thinking of you, Judy
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    Hi Bryan,

    I was actually glad to see your name, as I remember seeing it a long time ago, and haven't for a while, nice to know you're ok.

    DON'T let these levels dictate your life. Monika can tell you first hand how scary that can be, as her hubby faced a very similar situation.

    And Judy is living proof that there are happy endings...wait and see what the docs tell you after more testing. You have come SO far, and you are strong enough to endure whatever you need to in order to get through this successfully.

    Have faith,

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    Hi bryan,

    glad to see you again fellow semi-colon!

    Please do not ever give up hope because when it all comes down that is all we have.

    A good book is WHEN HOPE NEVER DIES by Marlene McKenna (I think that is her last name...all my books are packed away so I cannot refer to them sorry).

    Even if there is a thread hang on.

    peace, emily
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    Never ever give up keeps us alive..along with a positive spirit and great support.

    My CEA pre surgery in May was Normal!!!! I am, or was, Stage III and am half way through 6 months of Folfox 4 chemo and I believe I am cancer free now....I dont put much stock in CEA tests as they didnt prove anything for me...believe in yourself, your ability to heal, your doctors, your spirit...come to this board often,...we are here to help in anyway we can....