Nipple update

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what a crazy topic heading. If anyone would have told me a year ago that I would have this topic, I would not have believed them.

I did have the nipples and they did seem too low to me, and still do, but, I think that they may be ok. Now, it is the healing. I can't wear anything tight that compresses them and since they are still swollen from the surgery, I look pretty obvious, at least to myself. I went to three interviews this week and felt like I needed to explain to each one why I was wearing a sweater or suit jacket in this sweltering NC heat. haha...and why did I seem to be cold in this weather..?? But, got through them. Now, just to heal.

I had to have a biopsy of my foot that has been turning purple/black on top. They have no idea what it is, and of course for me now, everything may be cancer. Does that ever go away?



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    Hi- I know we never thought we would write such things! I never had the nipple surgery but I hear that as they heal and the swelling subsides they look more and more natural to you. Although - I think you will always look cold!
    I hope your foot is OK. And I don't think that feeling goes away either... of it being cancer. Of course it doesn't help when every doctor we see starts every sentence with.."well, with your history of breast cancer...."
    Good luck on your interviews too!