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hello all. back to a pet scan again. at this point i am feeling well. it makes me a little nervous but i will get through it. i want to be cured of this awful disease as we all do, and that is what i am going to pray for. i also go back on chemo thurs so my moods will start swinging agian. just keep me in your prayers and i will update when i know somthing which will be thurs i would assume. take care all. peace be unto you.



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    Hey nettie--kanga gave yah huggs on tha chat room!!!!
    awww--here's some more just to keep yah cheerfull((((((((nettie)))))))))
    be good on thursday--good thoughts--good results--luv kanga n Jen
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    Hang in there Nettie. These tests are always so scary. I am the worst at dealing with them. I am thinking of you and praying for your health and peace of mind. Just imagine that all of us here are holding your hand!
    Hugs to you,
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    Stay with it Nettie...since all this began with my mom and Bert, anxious and worried has been my middle name. Bert get's his scans every 8 weeks and while more nerve wracking having them so often, better safe than sorry. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending nothing but good vibes your way.

    Monika & Bert
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    Always believe and never quit. You are in our prayers. My wife had a liver resection in mar 2004 and doing well ( ceas are 0.05 )