Sudden depression

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I had my lump removed on March 30, 2004, I felt fine and I went back to work two days after the surgery and never looked back. Had radiation treatment for 6 1/2 weeks. At the end of June I had my first Lupon shot I figured well no period and some hot flashes not too bad a deal. The last few weeks I've been less focused and have had major hip pain on both sides. My work has been suffering, I've been trying so hard to get it together at work. I had a long conversation with my supervisor about getting better at my job and what I can do to keep my job. This past week I nearly had two deal fall apart. I've been beating myself up for three days. The depression took over on Friday night and i went back to work on Saturday to improve my odds on Monday to saved another deal.

I thinking about taking a little time off and working with my doctor to help me with these feelings. My husband has been great and I feel so bad for him. The b/c surgery wasn't my first this year. I also had back surgery in 10/03 followed by a month at home and three month of therapy.

I was feeling so alone and empty. Reading some of the other postings has helped, INK your incredible. That posting helped quite a bit.

Thanks for letting me vent.



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    Vent anytime you want, that's one of the many nice things about this place. There are a lot of loving, caring women here, but I must totally agree with you about INK; she is incredible, and very knowledgeable!
    I think you're right about taking some time off and seeing your doc. It's possible an anti-depressant might be in order. I think the majority of us have taken meds for depression at one time or another. You've been through a lot dear, what with back surgery and then the lumpectomy and the stress of work. I'm so glad to hear you have a supportive husband. Hang in there things will get better.
    God bless.
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    Do you have a therapist you can talk to (preferably one with an MD or access to an MD so that if antidepressant meds are needed, he/she can order them>
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    I know what that kind of nose dive feels like. Mine was pretty sudden too in March, 2004. Just kept sinking.
    It seems like you may be getting back into the work world too soon.!?
    It is not easy to get back to work and must be transitioned slowly.

    Getting to your doctor is very important and talking about you are going through. List your symptoms on paper daily if you can..

    Take care of yourself