'had blood in bowel movement only one time

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Hello I went through cancer and a total of four chemotreatments last year and in June of this year I had blood in my bowel movment and urine and it only happend once .I did not think any thing of it should I have thought something was wrong .Why it only happend once does not make sence and I'm going to have a colonoscopy on Tuesday.


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    Your doing the right thing. It's always best to get things checked out. Please keep us posted. Praying it is nothing.


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    Hi Marilyn,
    Believe it or not, I had the same thing happen to me. Not to get gross, but was the blood "red"..because I was told that if the blood is red...that is a good thing. Its the blood that is dark and maybe not seen that could be something going on. In my case it was internal hemorriods (spelling). I have had a problem with them since my twins were born, but I never got the kind of blood that I got a few months ago. Still a good thing to get it checked out at the doctors, but hopefully it will be just like mine and turn out to be nothing. These little upsets are enough to drive a person that had cancer crazy....
    Let us know how you make out on Tuesday.