Weekend Workshops for Women with Breast Cancer

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When I was diagnosed with a third bout of breast cancer and knew I'd have to go through surgery, reconstruction and chemo (I already did radiation the first time around), I decided I had to turn this challenge into something useful for others. Since I am, by trade, a writer and motivational speaker/teacher, I am designing a weekend seminar for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, whether it's just in the beginning stages or right smack in the middle.

You've all been so helpful to me in my own journey, I'm once again asking for your words and wisdom. WHAT WOULD BE MOST USEFUL in a seminar like this? Imagine that you are in a weekend seminar (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) with only a dozen other women, but you all are facing the Cancer Dance. This will be a seminar with talking groups, workshop exercises, meditations, and lectures, as well as useful physical items to take home with you. What kind of information/tools/resources did you wish you had when you got your diagnosis? What have YOU found useful in your journey, whether standard medical practice, mental/physical/emotional supports, spiritual assistance? What is the single tool that has helped you get through this with some semblance of grace and courage?

I (and the women I hope to reach) thank you deeply for being willing to share your thoughts. Please feel free to write me at [email protected] and let it all hang out!


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    Hello Joellyn,

    I am a 15 year survivor whose breast cancer was diagnosed in dreams. I kept a journal which became a book [SHE WHO DREAMS] and from there I have begun presenting workshops, working with art and dream visualization. I also participate as one of four presenters in a weekend Arts and Healing Retreat in the Adirondacks [with a songwriter, storyteller, and yoga instructor] where we present three days of workshops and programs for women surviving chronic illnesses, mostly cancer, and mostly breast cancer among those. I would be happy to share more--what specifically would you like to know? Where are you located? If you ever need someone with a program such as mine to participate in one of your retreats, I would be happy to do so. One of the greatest joys for me in my own survival is sharing my story and my gifts. You can explore my website: www.wandaburch.com

    Look under "programs" and you will find information on the Great Camp Sagamore retreat which might be an interesting model for what you have in mind plus you will find a description of my personal program. The price is simply there for someone wishing to sponsor the program as a single offering. It might be fun to team up with something. You will also find on my workshop a link to Peggy Lynn's website--Peggy is the songwriter who works with the women, helping them produce their own "song." Sometimes the words aren't sweet--one woman, surviving invasive breast cancer and surviving year after year against all odds, described herself as growing balls the first year we met her. When she returned the second year, she said she had returned to chrome plate those balls. Her words are in last year's group song. Peggy Lynn has written some marvelous songs and a new book about women overcoming what appear to be insurmountable problems.

    Anyway, I was intrigued and delighted to see your message--and, as I said, I think we might be able to work together and really take the show on the road--two authors, two survivors with gifts and a message of hope.


    Wanda Burch [[email protected]]