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Kris, Thank you for your response. I do have a couple more questions. When I spoke with Dr. Sugarbaker's wife she said that they were not considering new patients until August, that he just had too many scheduled right now. She also said that he would not operate on my father until at least 6 months after his first operation and that they prefer the patient not have any type of chemo in the meantime (for 6 months ?). I asked her if he could survive for 6 months without any type of treatment and she of course couldn't really answer that. Did they have a problem with the fact that you did have chemo while waiting for surgery? Did the chemo you had prior to surgery have any beneficial effects ? Did it shrink or destroy any of the peritoneal spread ? I've been reading that systemic chemo doesn't have an effect on cancer in that area ? Have you been told that ? Have you spoken with or heard of long term survivors of this condition ? We have an appointment at Sloan next Thursday so I'm sure alot of these questions will be answered then but it would good to go in there with some knowledge already. With the exception of recoveing from surgery my father feels great physically. It's hard to believe that he has something so serious.

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