The Weekend to End Breast Cancer

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On August 20-22, 2004, I will be participating in a very special event called "The Weekend to End Breast Cancer". I will walk 60 kilometers over the course of one weekend with thousands of other women and men. The net proceeds will support breast cancer research, education, and services at the B.C. Cancer Agency.

I want to make every dollar count and am joining a team of many women including cancer survivors, breast cancer patients and people walking in memory of loved ones. This weekend will be such and emotional event, bring different meaning to each walker. I am walking because I can and for those who lost their brave fight to this horrible disease and aren't able to walk with me.

Cancer unfortunately has touched too many of our lives in one way or another. I want to do something bold for breast cancer and with your generosity I will meet or beat my goal.

I've agreed to raise the minimum of $2,000.00 in donations. I need all the help I can get. Would you please consider making a donation of an amount that's right for you?

Please keep in mind how far I am walking and how hard I will have to train.

To learn more about me please view my personal page

I'll be keeping all of my donors in mind, and in my heart, as I walk 60 km for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer this August. Without your generosity, none of this would be possible.



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    It sounds so wonderful but how much will go for research and how much will go into the organization who is putting this event on? Will any go at all for alternative treatment or all go for more research for big companies to make more drugs to line their pockets? Please enjoy yourself and hats off for the effort. Linda
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    Good luck to you Candace! Our daughter recently walked 40 miles for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in San Francisco. We went down to cheer her on and it was a wonderful thing to be there at the finish line watching all the walkers come across and know what wonderful things they accomplished. Our daughter had to raise 1800 and actually raised 2400 and even got donations for her walking partner. I wish you luck in your walk and fund raising. I'd like to help but besides helping our daughter, her friend, and another friend in the Avon Walk, my husband and I also participated in the ACS Relay for Life and made our own donations there as we joined late. So we've done all we can this year for fundraising. Looks like you are walking in Vancouver. We'll be in Seattle that weekend so I'll be thinking of you and wishing you lots of luck and fun on your walk on behalf of all of us survivors and those who lost the fight.
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    Hi Candace:

    I too wish you well and lots of fun on your weekend walk.

    Like Dee, I'm skeptical about many of these fundraising organisations. There are sooo many of these groups and we cannot possibly contribute to them all so it's good to be cautious about the one's we do choose to give moneies to and try to learn what they're about and precisely how they operate, including reviewing their financial statements, etc..

    Walking/participating in or contributing monies can feel very good and I hope it will prove to be a most rewarding experience for you!

    Love, light and laughter,