Muscle pain from Taxotere

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I had 4 cycles of AC and 4 cycles of taxotere. I finished my last taxotere treatment 4 weeks ago and my face is still swollen, my muscles in my legs are still weak and painful when I walk. Everyday after work my legs and feet are swollen.

I am wondering if these are still side effects from taxotere or if I now have something else going on. Has anyone else experienced any or all of these side effects?


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    yes, the taxotere made my feet swell up till my toes looked like little sausages that were going to pop! I hated it. it did take awile after treatment for them to go back to normal.{if you can manage to get someone to do foot rubs it helps alot} On the upside tho..before taxotere I had a mass of cancer that they couldn't see where it began or ended..after taxotere when they did the mastectomy there was no trace of any cancer in my breast or any lymph prognosis has now changed dramatically. So it can be very effective in some cases, along with alot of prayers.
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    I expected the severity of side effects to diminish when that last cycle was completed, but was horrified to find that I was actually worse in the weeks following the end of chemotherapy than I had ever been during it. It makes sense, really, because the effect is cumulative and the worst week was usually the middle week after each cycle. During the weeks after chemo, my husband had to drive me to the door of the building during radiation therapy and to the door of a different building for lab work. I believe that continued for at least 3 weeks.

    My last cycle was infused on August 11, 2003. I am now able to work full-time in a very demanding municipal facility where each shift is similar to a year's worth of work anywhere else. I love it. When I'm at work, I do not have time to think about all the things that scare me even still.

    My toenails are still growing out, and I notice that the wiry curly hair that initially grew back in seems to be shedding. The new hair growth appears to be soft and straight as it once was, although darker. So to answer your question, a year out from chemo, the toenails continue to tell the tale of where I've been. I salute your stamina and determination to have worked during chemo. No way ever could I have done that. The swelling of the legs and feet are related to the dexamethasone you received along with the taxotere to keep the more horrific side-effects of taxotere at bay. It took me 8 months to lose the water weight from the dexamethasone.

    Be patient with yourself. It will get much much better. Just not as soon as we would wish.
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    I too had terrible pain in my legs after taxotere. I could barely walk up to 4 weeks after last treatment. 8 weeks after treatment I started exercising: walking, bicycling and the water weight started to come off. I still have some but it's not near as bad and I don't have the pain in my legs anymore. I'm 5 months out from last treatment. I still get the tingling in my hands and the numbness in my tongue but it's occassionally not frequently. Hope you find relief soon.