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Hello my doctors can't put me on any thing because they are afraid it will bring my cancer back is there any thing out there that we can take that won't hurt us at all . Hot flashes are uncomfortable.


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    I hear you. I have tried several things. Most recently effexor. Went to gyn today and told her still have hot flashes. In discussion, told her I wasnt sleeping well either between insomnia and dreams. Come to find out the effexor was probably causing the dreams. So she put me on lexpro. Maybe will help hot flashes and also stop vivid dreams. Hopefully!!!! Good luck
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    Hi Marilyn. I think you mentioned this in a response to my posting regarding hot flashes - or I read your info somewhere else. The responses I got mostly said effexor (which I'm hesitant to take) but a couple answers said to talk to your doctor about vitamin E. One person told me to take 2 vitamin E (total 800iu)before bed. I haven't bought any yet though. Most of the stuff I've tried hasn't worked but I haven't gone to the prescription drugs yet like effexor or lexpro (which I just heard of from Blossomtime's answer). I am considering getting something though, at least for the summer, as my hot flashes are horrible since I was switched from Tamoxifen (after 2 years) to Femara. I'm sure some of it is brought on by the summer heat too. I am curious however as to why taking hot flash meds might bring back your cancer? I thought if we just stayed away from anything containing any type of estrogen that we were ok. Let me know.
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    I know what you mean, the hot flashes are horrible. I noticed a huge difference when I stopped taking lexapro then went back on lexapro. The lexapro really helps me a lot. At one time my doctor also had me using Androgen which is a testosterone gel. I liked that because it gave me energy and a libido. I only had a 30-day supply so I don't know if it is something you can be on for a long time or not. I sleep much better when taking the lexapro also. Hope you find it helps you. Take care.

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    Hello Marilyn,

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