thanks for all your support

positive Member Posts: 75
I want to thank everyone for all there caring, loving, encouraging support. Words cannot express my feelings to everyone who replied to my questions and worries. Believe it or not, this site has helped me cope so much better with my dads cancer. I educated myself alot about Hodgkins, which also helped. I was always telling my dad that was he was feeling was common and that he would get through this. I've learned alot from everyone. If it weren't for this website I would of lost it. My sisters and I love my dad so much and yes it was heart breaking to see him go through this. But we remained positive and gave him lots of love and support. I think I'm always going to be a part of this website and continue to reply and hopefully put a smile on someones face. It's very rewarding to me if I could help someone feel better. I pray the cancer never returns and my dad lives to 95. I'm just daddy's little girl and I just want him to live forever. I guess I will have to come to terms someday with the passing of a parent, but We we're not going to let this damn hodgkins get him.

Thanks to everyone again, my family and I are so grateful and blessed for your support.