I'm sad.... I'm losing my girl....

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So after 4 (yes, 4) surgeries to get the DCIS out of my breast the doc says my girl should go. And rationally I know she's right although emotionally I'm ready to get the one way ticket to Tahiti. Anyway... mulling the reconstruction options, fighting the insurance company (having a hard time finding a plastic surgeon at my hospital who takes my insurance) and really not exactly pumped up to deal with any of it. This year has sucked big time.


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    What you are going through is a Storm in your life right now and it is normal to be scared about what you are going through .The important thing is to take one day at a time and put your Trust in God .John 6:14-21 talks about the storm. I had breast cancer surgery last year because a new breastcancer was found in my left breast and I had my right breast removed 13 yrs ago in Nov.1989 so I know what you are going through . You are not alone in the storm there are alot of us here for you . Take time in finding the right doctor that you can trust and one that takes insurance.
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    We're all reading this and thinking that trip to Tahiti sounds pretty darn good - most of us have been there and done that (the breast surgery, not the trip to Tahiti :), and don't want to do it again! You can get loads of information on reconstruction options at "breastimplants4you.com", including a complete list of questions to ask the surgeon (wish I'd had that 11 years ago when I needed it).
    Hang in there, it DOES get better
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    I lost both my girls last year, and I'm doing fine. A friend lost a breast last year and opted for a tram flap reconstruction and after much pain and breast reduction on the other breast, she's doing great. Better than great...she looks wonderful and doesn't wear a bra, just a camisole. She's always smiling.
    Good luck and try to hold up that chin. We're all with you.
    P.S. When u posted u were losing your girl, I immediately opened your post because I thought a poor woman was losing her daughter.
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    i lost mine 2 years ago they took both my cancer was in my right breast i told them to take both, i did not want to go through all the testing again. i had a tram flap all though i have no fealing in my breast and my stomach they look great now i have to get my nipples tattoo. well good luck to you. i had stage 3 went for my pet scan last month everything is CLEAN!!!!!!!and yes that tahiti trips sounds good!!!!
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    Although it is sad to lose a part of you, it does not define who you are as a person. I had a modified radical masectomy in November. I did not have any reconstruction sugery. The thought of surgery again for me is way out there, can't even think about it. I don't miss my breast at all. I wear a prostetic and you can't tell at all. I hope your surgery goes well, maybe you should plan that trip to Tahiti, it could be something to look forward to.

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    Michael here....
    Ok... so I am assuming your *girl* is NOT your daughter... so thats good... at first my heart dropped and I wanted to read this immediately! But after reading I am assuming it is your breast. So.. I am not even going to say... "Oh well at least your alive.... or.... Its whats on the inside that counts... " These are all very true.. but I was wondering if right now... maybe a support group would help. Talk to others about there experiences.. maybe asking them if they recommend certain questions to ask. Remember.. hindsight is always 20/20. I have no idea if this is even practical.. but could you try on the prosthetic thingies that people put in their clothes.. just incase you want a different size or look? Not sure if that is reasonable. lastly.. insurance should pay for this surgery. Its medical not 100% cosmetic. Does anyone know of a state law that regulates Cancer surgeries and reconstruction? Well... not sure if Ive been any help... But God bless you in your decision. And remember that this is not a vain decision. This is a wonderful opportunity to help you with YOUR self esteem, confidence, and Self-Perception. If I had ANY advice.. its this...Make sure you do this operation for YOU! I think its wonderful you ladies have the courage to go through this operation in the first place to treat cancer... and it is great that you have the courage to talk about it and share stories about the reconstruction. So, if it is even a tiny bit possible... have some fun with this! You all definitely deserve this! And do what you need to force the Insurance companies's hand in paying.
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    I also had DCIS, found mine by dumb luck so we (my husband and I) decided after talking with oncologist that to take both was the smart thing to do. I had a bilateral mastectomy on April 26th, 2004 and though it is sometimes very hard to face the world without breasts i have learned that not many people even notice. I am getting prosthetics they have come along way with them. I also considered plastic surgery but finding a surgeon in my area who accepts my insurance was also very hard we have to travel 2 hours to get one. I should have my new boobs within 2 weeks and i am just as excited as if i would be having ps only no surgery.