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Does anyone have any great suggestions for me in dealing with taste of food - or should I say non taste? I have had 9 of my 18 chemo sessions and it is getting worse.

Thank you


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    Lack of taste is certainly something I remember during my chemo. In fact, it was also a terrible taste in my mouth too. Do you get mouth sores also? That can contribute to the problem. Zilactin is a good oral medication for the sores (over the counter). As for the lack of taste, be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day - that helps. Dehydration is very common during chemo. Also, Altoids were and still are a mainstay with me. I carry them with me always. They help keep that yucky taste at bay and also helped occasional nausea. Hard, sugar-free candy is great to let melt in your mouth too. Other than that, this is a temporary side effect, so try to hang in there. What chemo are you receiving? Let us know how you are doing. My prayers are with you!
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    The food that tasted good to me during chemo was anything crunchy, cheesey or salty. So I lived on Goldfish crackers, Cheetos, Cheese Its, Potato Chips, macaroni & cheese. For some reason, I actually craved this stuff and ate while I was actually having chemo infusion. Also ate yogurt or carob covered raisins. Meats and veggies were was most fruit. I had a lot of weight loss on chemo (I know most folks gain weight) so I just ate whatever tasted good. Too bad that ride ended when chemo ended!!

    Wishing you good luck. Take care,

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    Hi -
    I remember quite well that non-taste/licked a penny taste in my mouth. Everyone is different but I started paying really close attention to every bite I took and kept trying different foods at every meal. I ended up discovering that kale and rare steak tasted good. Almost everything else just didn't cut it - so I figured what the heck and ate kale for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks - ha! When I really couldn't stand anything I would buy the little juice box size Spirutien drinks at the health food store, get them really cold, pop in the straw and drink them really quickly....I have friends who liked sweet, salty, etc. I guess the important thing is to find the most palatable food you can and eat it on a regular type schedule...