My friend is gone

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I didn't spend much time recently on this board, but have been here before. I read it daily for a year, though I only posted a few times. My father like friend, Oscar, passed away on Wednesday, July 7th. He was 68 years old. My sister and I were with him and it happened peacefully in his sleep. I want you all to know that Oscar could have possibly beat this if he had been more active in his treatment. He didn't take action and let the HMO doctors decide how to treat him, just put his faith completely in them, and they just didn't care. He didn't want anyone's help, though I tried to help him talk to his doctors about different treatment options. I just don't want to discourage other people out there.

And thank you to all who gave your support to me over this agonizing past year. It has only been since May 11th that they found cancer in his brain, and yet it seems like it has been a year just since then. Best wishes and prayers to all of you.

Lee Ann