nausea & metal taste from rads

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Hi everyone, My dad is experiencing some mild nausea and a metal taste in mouth from his radiation is this a common side effect. He's only had 3 treatments, his he going to feel worse as he continues his treatments.


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    From everything that I have received in my post below re: radiation, please encourage your dad to talk to his radiation oncologist - there are tons of medicines out there to help the side effects of radiation and he shouldn't have to suffer. But the key is clear and concise communication - the doctors can't help what they don't know.

    I know that everyone is different and that radiation will be received by all differently, but from what I have heard it is MUCH easier than chemo. (Can you tell I can't wait to get to the rad treatments?)

    ((HUGS TO YOU))
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    Hi, during my radiation(whichisallIhad)the metal taste and smell was awful. It lasted the entire month of treatment. I kept hearing how easy radiation was compared to chemo, but for me it wasn't. They try to give you some things to try and help, but I still felt gross the entire time. One thing to ask about is zofran, it helped me not to throw up, but I still felt queezy. I took it before my treatment. It is very expensive though, so if you don't have good insurance ask for some samples. Hope your dad does well and remember it does get better.
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    I took a medication called Marinol and it was great. For the metal taste i ate lots of mashed potatoes and had orange soda
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     Did your doctor tell you that fresh mint is an instant cure for nausea? Of course not--smacks of witchcraft--but it works. My Dad and mother-in-law both have cancer and it works great for them. I have also used it to treat nausea from motion sickness, hangover, high altitude sickness, slight concussion. Try it, you'll be amazed and pass it on. Anything that has a square stem and smells like mint will work- peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint(my favorite), catnip... it all works. You can buy it in the produce section but I think that something from a garden is more powerful. Just pick off a couple of leaves and eat them. I don't think you can OD on them so have a couple whenever you need it.