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I am an instructor for the Radiation Therapy training program at Foothill College in California. Our class wants to participate in this discussion group for educational purposes. Our question to you is: As Radiation therapists, how can we make your treatment experience better? What are the most important issues to you as a patient or as a caregiver?


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    my mom is getting radiosurgery in NYC. The doctors and nurses are very kind, and genuinely caring.This is far different from the first place we went, where it was very businesslike, and "take a number" type attitude,with weak , sick people sitting around waiting for fate to decide their life, like cancer was just a bee sting or a cold. We are fortunate to find a great place to go, but even then I have some criticsm.We are a little bit alternative, and know the value of proper diet and emotional needs as well as physical comfort. I think more offices should engage in educating patients about the importance of whole foods to boost immune system, give them a detailed brochure on what to eat or not eat, since they are going to all this trouble to get rid of the disease, why ruin all that stress with a Big Mac and diet coke?
    Another thing would be making the offices and exam rooms more beautiful to sooth the fears and anxieties of patients. I don't know if it's possible to have art therapy paintings on the walls to help relax the patient, or have nice music and healthy snacks(since there is alot of waiting)maybe even a juice bar of some kind... I know this sounds wacky, but to combine the best of both philosophies would be wonderful for the body, the mind and the spirit. Beauty heals, and in conjunction with the wonderful new advances could mean the difference between a depressed, hopeless person who has a bad experience, and someone who feels loved and cared for, and comfortable and hopeful that things will be fine.
    Kindness goes a long way, and we know it's just a job to you guys, but to us it's life and death, and it's a new and scary thing, and we don't always know what to expect. Details about what to expect with medications, side effects, how long we need to wait for results, what not to do, plus a little encouragement and genuine concern and an ear once in a while would be great.
    Thanks, BionicKitty